Active, Bible

An online Bible duplicating the look of an antique 18th century Bible.


Active, Reference

An online version of Nave's Topical Bible, utilizing the MediaWiki platform.

Active, Devotional

Daily devotions from Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening.

Active, Hymns

A compilation of hundreds of favorite hymns, with scores, audio, video and other details.

Active, Bible Tool

A utility to create Bible verse memes/images for posting on social networks.

Active, Bible

An online study-Bible using newer technology and more versions than or

Active, Bible Tools

At once archived but users begged for it to be opened back up, so it's been revamped. The original design and script can still be accessed at /

Active, Prayer

Prayer blog



Memorite Rogue

Active, Book

My first book. A sci-fi mystery.

Earth Suit

Active, Book

My second book. A sci-fi novel.

Emotional Energy

Active, Book

My third book, A non-fiction, self-help book.

Liberal Logic: 101

Active, Book

My fourth book, A non-fiction, analasys of basic political ideologies. As well as a humorous look at the insanity of modern Liberalism.



This domain is now for sale.

(The social network had to be shut down due to massive spamming)

Active, Reference

Information site for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

...also &


Inactive, Study Tools

Study tools I developed for my kids when I was homeschooling them. Plans are underway to rebuild it with newer technology.

Inactive, Online Marketplace

Site for homsechooling families to buy and sell homeschool related items.

Active, Online Library

Online-library of public domain books

Planned, Organizational Tools

Project/Collaboration tools specifically geared toward homeschooling families.

Planned, Online Library

Massive online-library of public domain books, using a collection of over 10,000 public doman books formerly housed at the now defunct

Active, History

Online book by Victor Vashi.

Active, New sign-language

Instructional site for a new sign language I began developing over 30 years ago. I requires only one hand, is based on pronunciation rather than word meaning, therefore it's much easier to learn, and can be adapted to any spoken language.

Active, WWF cheat

A quick site I whipped up to help me finds words when playing Words With Friends™


Planned, Programming Tools

I liked the name, so I bought it. I use it on my personal intranet as a workspace tool.

Active, Start Page

Handy start page I developed a few years back.

Active, Recipes

Collection of some of my mom's best recipes.

Active, Web Development

My web development site.


A site displaying the books I've written.

Active, Portfolio

...this site.


Planned, Social network network

No, that's not a typo. in intended to be and effort to network social network and provide a means for content to be shared between social networks.

Planned, Social network

A family friendly social network


Active, Blog

My original blog.

Inactive, Social Network

A private, family-oriented, Social network.

Active, Classified Ads

Classified ad site for Catoosa, Oklahoma

Inactive, Ad Swap

Was an ad swap site for blogs. Ran well until hackers destroyed it. Haven't had time to get it going again.


My first domain. Now the other front-end for my web-hosting, side business.

Active, Web Hosting

A quick and easy meme maker