Why the Envato Market is a huge rip-off!!

I have about 70 domains and needed a way to keep better track of them. I have written complex scripts for sites for years, but since this was more of a "housekeeping" task, I didn't think it warranted the time to create my own script. So I searched online to find one already written, and found most to be not quite what I needed. One was minimal, and only offered some of the features I needed, but cost just $27, so I decided to give it a try.

It was titled "Ultimate Domains & Clients Manager with Paypal" by someone using the handle "yougapi".

It proved useless. While it would work online, it was stuck on the login screen on my local server, running the exact same set-up as my online server. I searched through the coding, discovered it was built on the CodeIgniter platform, which I am familiar with, but could not debug the problem. Like some script writers, he leaned heavily on other people's work, and managed to create bugs in a platform that is normally bug-free.

However when I requested a refund, I was surprised to find that in spite of charging me for 6-months of "service" the author and Envato market refused to honor their guarantees. I had had some unsatisfying dealings with Envato before, but assumed it was just one of those things, and was willing to give them another try. No, it appears they sell faulty code and then refuse to honor the gaurantees the brazenly make. I should have been suspicious when the reviews for that particular script were conveniently disabled, but like a lot of scams, the site presents itself as legitimate.

So be warned. Envato cannot be trusted.